Submitting video assignments in the Start ASL Online Course is easy! Just follow the instructions below:

How to Submit a video assignment:

1. Visit the assignment page and click "Add Submission."

Submit assignment

2. Click Allow to grant permissions to your browser to use your camera and microphone.

Click Allow when your browser asks for camera and microphone permissions.

3. Click Record to record your video, click Play to play it back, and click Save to save and upload your video. Make sure the video recorder says "Uploaded Successfully," which means that your video is successfully saved.   

4. Enter your English script (and any other assignment-related text) into the text box. 

5. Click "Save changes." 

Submit assignment   

6. To complete your assignment submission, on the next page, click "Submit assignment." 

Submit assignment

7. On the next page, click the checkbox to confirm your submission and click "Continue."

Confirm submission

9. On the last page, confirm that your "Submission status" says, "Submitted for grading."

Check submission status

10. Once your assignment is graded, visit the assignment page to view your instructor feedback. 

Review instructor feedback

11. And that's it!

If you need any help, click the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner of your course screen to get in touch!

How to Re-Submit a video assignment:

If you need to re-submit a video assignment, visit the assignment and click "Edit Submission." You can refilm your video and submit it for grading. It is a two step process. 

If you do not see "Edit Submission" then open a support ticket so we can re-open the assignment for you.