With the Gold level of the Start ASL Online Course, we offer any documentation you may need in order to award credit to your students. This means that we will provide grade reports and verified completion certificates to you when requested. If your student is signed up for the Gold level of our Online Course, please open a support ticket to make a grade request for your student.

Otherwise, you have three options for viewing your students' grades:

  1. You can have your student visit their Grade Report page here: https://courses.startasl.com/grade/report/overview and print out their Gradebook for the course you need. 
  2. You can login to Start ASL with your student's account (you will need to get the username and password from your student): http://login.startasl.com and visit their Grade Report page yourself: https://courses.startasl.com/grade/report/overview
  3. We can set you up with a Mentor account (details below). 

Using a Mentor Account

First, you must submitted a ticket to request a Mentor account. Click the button above to open a new ticket. You will need to provide us with your full name, email address, and the students' full name and email address from their account. 

  • Once we set up a Mentor account for you, you will be able to visit this page to login: https://courses.startasl.com/ 
  • And you will be able to view a link to your student's information on the right. You may need to click the arrow icon to show the right sidebar.

  • Click on your student's name and you will be taken to your student's profile page. Here you can see all the courses in which your student is enrolled.
  • Click the gear icon to be taken to the advanced menu.

  • Then, select from "Course Profiles" the name of the course you would like to view. 
  • Grades can be viewed by clicking in the Reports section
  • Forum posts or similar may be viewed from your student's profile in the Miscellaneous section.