Thank you for your interest in our courses!

We have two options available for schools:

1. If you have an ASL teacher who will be teaching the class:

They can use the Start ASL Teacher's Curriculum ( in the classroom and use the handouts and videos from the curriculum to conduct activities in the classroom or assign them for the students to complete at home using either our free lessons ( or one of our Online Course options for each student ( The Teacher's Curriculum is a collection of downloadable MP4 videos and PDF files for use in the classroom by an ASL teacher. Here is a sample of the Teacher Guide included with the Teacher's Curriculum:

2. If you do not have an ASL teacher who will be teaching the class:

Students can be enrolled individually in our Online Course ( They would each need their own Start ASL account and course access purchase. With the Online Course, students' grades are tracked automatically by the program and with the Gold option, the students receive feedback on their signing assignments as well as any documentation you may require in order to award credit. If you want to sign up multiple students for the Online Course, you can find more information about our Group Purchase option in this article.

Preview Our Curriculum - Our curriculum can be previewed in the free lessons here: - just look for the table with links to each unit. You will also find our syllabuses for each class attached here. 

Purchase Orders - If you need to pay using a purchase order, you can find our purchase order process in this article.


If you have any other questions, please open a support ticket and we'll help!