If you really enjoy learning sign language and being around deaf people, you can always become an ASL interpreter. Go through the lessons on this site, see how you like it, and consider finding an interpreter training program at a community college near you. After completing the program, you can move on to get your interpreter certification through RID. Interpreting is a great way to "help" (In Deaf Culture, Deaf people don't consider interpreters as help, but as communication facilitators) and feel like you are doing something great with your life. Interpreters also make nice wages. 

You can also go back to school and become a teacher of the deaf (teaching deaf children!) I think this is a very rewarding career, and if you are looking to do more with your life and use your knowledge, this might be something to look into. You can also go back to school to become an ASL teacher (teaching ASL to hearing students). Teaching is just a really rewarding career in general. It may be something you might enjoy.

We go into more detail about careers in Don't Just "Sign"... Communicate!: A Student's Guide to ASL and the Deaf Community. In that book, we discuss the different careers options, the jobs within those fields, what education is required, and their salaries. We recommend picking up that book if you're interested in a career in ASL.