To make sure our students are gaining a strong ASL foundation, we have enabled linear course progression for the Start ASL Online Course. This means that you are not able to move onto the next unit in your course level until you complete the previous unit.

So, be sure to fully complete each section in your course so you will be able to move on.

To make the most of your course, keep these things in mind:

1. For most sections, they can be manually marked complete in order to move on in the course (see the image below).

2. For quizzes, you must submit a quiz attempt and receive a grade of 70% or higher in order to mark it complete. For Reading Assignment quizzes, you will want to look ahead to the Reading Assignment for the unit you are currently working on to be prepared for the quiz when you get to it. 

3. For submission assignments (Deaf Events, Research Papers, and Expression Assignments), you will be able to move on in the course before completing these. However, receiving a grade of 70% or above on all graded quizzes and assignments will still be required to complete the course and receive your completion certificate. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to open a support ticket above. We're always happy to help!